Tuesday, September 8, 2009



As the title says, I will stop blogging from now on, due to some reasons.

If I were to blog again. I will create another new blog.

This blog is history.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009



My flight has been comfirmed on 27th August.

Time : 2359 (why don't just put 0000 -.-??)


Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Depart : 2359)

Dubai International Airport (Arrive : 0300, Depart 0955)

Toronto City Centre Airport (Arrive 1545, Depart 1835)

Edmonton International Airport (Arrive : 2040)

Well, I have plenty hours at Dubai International Airport, so hmm.. what we gonna do??

Yeah! VISIT PALM ISLAND =)) The first man-made island..

It's gonna be fun!! =)) Hehe.. anyway.. going to KL 2moro morning.. gonna visit my brother at kampar to say goodbye =(..

So, for all my friends take care and have a safe flight!

Kin & Natalie, see you soon ^^

Hampao, although I have left, but my hearts is still there with you, take a good care yea.. will be in contact again after i got my new lappie.. which I'll get it IMMEDIATELY when I reach there..

Once, again.. goodbye my friends and family, gonna miss you guys..

And miss the food in Malaysia T.T..

Till then, good night..

This will be my last post in Malaysia!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Materialistic and hypocritical


Looking from your own perspective, who should be condemned? (honestly, there's no right or wrong)

1. A person who spends $100 million over something that he needs, or another person who wastes $1 over something that he don't need.

2. A person who donates $100 million insincerely, or a person who donates $1 sincerely.

3. A rich person donates $1 sincerely, or a poor person donates $100 insincerely (just to show off he had gave up everything he has)

I think the answer that I will receive will be on both sides. And I think some people will be dishonest too.

There's no need to be dishonest, you don't need to tell me. Ask yourself.

I am somehow upset over an issue, it is related to the questions above.

I believe Jesus don't judge people or actions based on quantity, but QUALITY.

But some still can't get it.

Because materialistic people are "quality-blinded". The more (quantity) they had, the better they feel.

Despite of this, I don't blame anyone who is materialistic but I just hate those who are materialistic yet HYPOCRITICAL!

Today, people are born to be materialistic though.

Just ask the fellow Christians, how many of them fulfill their 10% tithe every month? And also, how many of them do it just for God or just merely hope for more MONEY to come? I have come across many people who wished the latter.

I am very very upset right now, but anyway, I'm bonded, there's no use to whine.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009



I'm in Taylor's library.. haha,,. managed to infiltrate through the sleepy librarian :P, but in wet condition -.-

Anyway, submitted my passport, will get my visa tommorrow.

HAHA! Again... I'm proud of my infiltrating skils... ;)


Monday, August 3, 2009

Sad.. can't join you guys in penang trip.


Will not join you guys in penang trip. Sorry =(

Will be replaced with KL trip. (again)...

By the way, just a reminder for the trip-pers...

Be sure to get a mask!! acH-One-aN-One is getting serious in Penang!!!

P/S : I'm cancelling this trip not because of acH-One-aN-One..