Wednesday, August 26, 2009



My flight has been comfirmed on 27th August.

Time : 2359 (why don't just put 0000 -.-??)


Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Depart : 2359)

Dubai International Airport (Arrive : 0300, Depart 0955)

Toronto City Centre Airport (Arrive 1545, Depart 1835)

Edmonton International Airport (Arrive : 2040)

Well, I have plenty hours at Dubai International Airport, so hmm.. what we gonna do??

Yeah! VISIT PALM ISLAND =)) The first man-made island..

It's gonna be fun!! =)) Hehe.. anyway.. going to KL 2moro morning.. gonna visit my brother at kampar to say goodbye =(..

So, for all my friends take care and have a safe flight!

Kin & Natalie, see you soon ^^

Hampao, although I have left, but my hearts is still there with you, take a good care yea.. will be in contact again after i got my new lappie.. which I'll get it IMMEDIATELY when I reach there..

Once, again.. goodbye my friends and family, gonna miss you guys..

And miss the food in Malaysia T.T..

Till then, good night..

This will be my last post in Malaysia!



Siew Ying Ooi said...

This post is touching in some way~ :) Have a safe journey there Jeff! :) Happy joining LDR for you and wen hui. and I am going to get a new laptop too once I reach there haha. :) Take care~~

LasVen said...

>_< anyway glad to know u in sem2.. haha.. ENG4U is fun with you around =) i learnt alot from u too

everjihad said...

cool! please share your experiene once you are there..

will be so interested to keep on update

have fun!