Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!!! Yay!


It's 3 hours and 30 minutes from 2009 the moment I typed this sentence.

Everyone are away from home now, not leaving home! But celebrating New Year! So, you gonna ask why I'm still writing this right? Because I haven't go out yet lah! Zzz...

Later my parents wanna go paktor, my sister with friends, and my brother with girlfriend, so me le??? Not telling you..bleak :P

Things I'm looking forward/might do for 2009 :
  1. Chinese New Year
  2. Celebrating my first Good Friday and Easter Day
  3. Pass my ICPU course with flying colours
  4. Get ENG4U 85%!!!! (I know it sounds crazy)
  5. Pass all the JPA requirements before going to Canada
  6. Choose University
  7. Choose major
  8. Live there
  9. Play snow
  10. Eat "snow-cream"
  11. Celebrate Christmas with snowmans XD
  12. Study hard
  13. Do homework hard
  14. Do exam hard
  15. Taking a break from love relationships (adui...D=)
  16. Learn guitar
  17. Celebrate my success in ICPU (LOL)
  18. Practice Java (as a warm up for Software Engineering degree next year)
  19. Play dotA (of course lah!! XD)
  20. Eat
  21. Drink
  22. Sleep
  23. Watch TV
  24. And many many more that I have no idea what I'm going to do next XD

So, finally, wish you guys all Happy New Year 2009!! May God bless you throughout the year and may your dreams come true. Happy Birthday Keng!! XD


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finding a hotel?


Looking for a vacation?
Looking for a nice place to sleep?
Looking for a place for "Private Project"?
Looking for a HOTEL???

Here it is! You don't need to look for a hotel now! The hotel is just right here, on your screen! The hotel name is Hotel 626 (Well, it means something.. hehe). I have stayed there once, and I enjoyed it (hehe).

By the way, the hotel is so so hebat but unfortunately, underages are NOT RECOMMENDED to stay in this hotel. You'll find the speciality if you stay. So what you waiting for? Book a room now!!!!

Click here

So, did you enjoy your stay? (wakakakaka XD)


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Its all a LIE~

I have been living in the LIES for 1 year, 3 months and 11 days!
Thank God after today's incident, I'm back to Earth! Goodbye~ I love you

Let us together create a miracle! Sign the petition!!!


This is serious, after reading the fact that the polices uses the name of our Sultan for their foul deeds, I wept my tears of deliverance for the pity of all Malaysians!

More information here

Please sign this petition to end this!

P/S : I'm just doing my responsiblity as a MALAYSIAN


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have changed the colour of the link in the previous post because many people can't find the link.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Let's play a horror game! (18-SG)


+++Thanks to Vivien for telling me about this game+++

You are a detective who is assigned to investigate a mysterious death of a whole family of a house. According to rumors, they all suicided, but nobody knows the reason. You are to investigate the story behind this by gettimg some evidences from the haunted house.

So, what you waiting for? Let's go!! =)

WARNING : Parental Guidance is advised for detectives below 18! The best is, don't play! I will not be responsible for any effects on the detective during or after playing this game that includes hysteria, heart-attacks, phasmophobia, loss of life (you or other people), or any other unfortunate consequences.


After you done your investigation, answer the following questions:

1. Who might be the girl hanging in the kitchen?
2. Do they all really suicide? Why?
3. If they are not suiciding, who is the actual murderer? Give evidences

There is no right or wrong answers, just want to hear your opinion =)
I'll tell you my view after the first person responds.

It can be a warm up for ENG4U next year! Hehe...

Hope you enjoy the adventure!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Drunked.. Dizzy.. Zzz..


Today, I went for a wine tasting at my uncle's friend kitchen shop.

Start with some snacks, and finally my uncle had a presentation to promote his wine. Sounds like I'm in a wine college, getting lectured by my lecturer (my uncle).. hehe XD

The topic for today is French wine.

Here are few examples of red wines made from various types of grapes, really nice! =)

This one is quite old, as it has darker colour, and of course, better! =3

This is not tiger beers, these are expensive white wine (although it is yellowish in colour)

Some of them look even more goldish

By the way, the alcohol content for those wines are about 12.5% and so, after tasting, I mean DRINKING all those wines, wow! I'm flying! I'm flying high in the sky! I'm at Fantasy Land! I'm at Eden! I'm at DisneyLand! I'm at Digimon World! Wooohooo~~~ Yippee~~~ Yay~~~~ *dizzy*

Anyways, at about 5 o' clock in the afternoon, my aunt brought us to have dinner, as she was very hungry. As the result, I didn't have my dinner at home later.

Checked my first semester marks, thanks to Ernest for telling me. I did quite a great job in this semester. Hopefully it will help to maintain my average marks for the next semester as the average can be pulled down by the black hole named ENG4U. Congratulations to my friends too for whatever result that they get because they were all superb! :D

Yesterday, Hamburg told me that our next semester ENG4U novel will be Pride & Prejudice. She said it was a boring story. So, if any of you had an idea about this book, do let me know what you think. =)

And finally..


Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy & Sad at the same time


The happy thing is, I'm back to Trickster! =)
The sad thing is, Honey Bee is not playing! =(

The happy thing is, I'm back home! =)
The sad thing is, we gonna move soon! =(

The happy thing is, my first semester results will be sent to me in few days time! =)
The sad thing is, I don't want walking colors (as in the antonym for "flying colors") result! =(

The happy thing is, I still have the cash for 1 month in KL! =)
The sad thing is, I don't know it's enough or not, because gonna use some, especially on Chirstmas! =(

The happy thing is, I'm gonna visit my ex-school again! =)
The sad thing is, I may had been forgotten! =(

The happy thing is, my PlayStation still works although it's been years in the dusts! =)
The sad thing is, the PS is taken out to replace my computer that has been taken away! =(

The happy thing is, I'm going out on Christmas! =)
The sad thing is, my car might not be available during that day! =(

The happy thing is, I had a wonderful plan for Honey Bee on Christmas! =)
The sad thing is, don't know she's free or not on that day! =(

The happy thing is, I'm gonna apply to the university of my choice! =)
The sad thing is, I'm still in dilemma & afraid of being objected! =(

The happy thing is, no more stress & no more assignments! =)
The sad thing is, it's so boring on holidays! =(

The happy thing is, Honey Bee is going to have her mid-semester exam next week & holiday! =)
The sad thing is, I can't chat with her during that week! =(

The happy thing is, "something" beautiful gonna happen on Christmas! =)
The sad thing is, I scared I failed and "it" becomes ugly! =(

The happy thing is, I know I truly love her! =)
The sad thing is, I doubt she truly loves me or not! =(


Saturday, December 6, 2008

An Extension of Hamburg's Post



Before I start with the emo story, here, read the happy one first XD (of course we do have "foreshadowing").

Starting from we missed the bus session, sei Transnasional, wait people for 10 mins also cannot! Not like SuperNice, will call you if you appears to be late. So, don't buy Transnasional!! Boycott them!!! Mem-pokai-kan them!!! D=<

And then, after coming back from KLCC, walao eh! I'm so sweating, hamburg is so dehydrated like the ones who are in the desert (haha), and then, we see, no BUS!! OMG!! Don't tell me we left it again!! Aah!! So, I rushed to the counter there and asked, they said "belum mai lagi...tunggu saje"... phew So get back to hamburg and we all phew... relieved.. yay... it's over... we gonna go home!! Yay!! Wooohooo!!! Yippeeee!! =3333


But then,

2.10 pm...


Still waiting....

2.20 pm!!!!

Still.... still..... WAITING!!!! D=<

And then I asked one of the passenger who went the same destination as us and have a look on the ticket. Like Hamburg said, it's 2.30 PM!!!!!!! WHAT THE *TOOT*!!!!! Curse the ticket seller who wrote the ticket!!! Sure fail Advanced Functions one!! I mean Maths.. haha XD.

So, nevermind la, it's about 2.30 anyway. So we waited.. meanwhile I wen to the toile while Hamburg is waiting. Then the bus came, like Hamburg said, the bus overloaded with peoples!! I was wondering, how come they can oversell tickets??! Then, we have to get down. And I see one malay girl asked,

"Ini bas pigi mane?" *showing him the ticket*

*Looking at it and shook his head* "Ipoh! Penang mia bas tunggu dulu"

WTH! Meaning that those Ipoh passengers also have the same plat number as us!! (6666, nice number anyways) Zzzz... Damn you guys, I mean those passengers and the ticket seller!! (No offense to Derek and Chook Teng XDD *angelic*).

Ok, then, nevermind..... nevermind!!! Cool down~ cool down~ took 1 hour++ to cool down by waiting stupidly for the so called "extra bus". Feel like want to puncture all the buses tyres!! Except my one laaaaa.. haha!! I Not Stupid XD.

So, finally, got people called us to go the other place as the bus is stopping at that spot. Then, that guy pointed to one of the buses there, we boarded it, finally.. phew.. yay!! We both... aah~~~ Almost wanna sleep...


"Ini bukan pigi butterworth!!!"





Everybody get down from the bus!! Walao eh!!!! *(&)$*_#%*@(%F(#*%)(#(*%#)K)_)+#)_%*#%) that guy laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! argh!!!! (**^%&$(#%$^&$#($%)(^&$#%*(*#&%7!!!!!

Then, he said,

"Penang, penang, mali mali... penang saja!!!!"

"Butterworth mana?"

"Butterworth yang tu laaaa!" *pointing at that previous bus*

And everyone started to say our Penang's swear words, the C.L.P words XDD. Feel like in Penang already.. But then, the door is closed, then, once again, the guy come to the rescue...

"Butterworth, butterworth, mali mali mali....."

"Mana bas???!!!"

"Nah, nah, ni ni ni ni" *pointing at another bus*

"Ha? Betui kah?"

"Yah, yah, betui betui...eheh" *angelic*

"Oi, komferm kah?" (I say one...hehe)

"Yah, yah, komferm komferm...leng zai.." >.<"""

"Nia ma hai! Kao lat lo.. tan ka ki siao loooo" (one of the chinese penangite said to me)

"yalo yalo... ee (him) siao eh mah, kanasai eh lang"


And so, finally board the bus, Hamburg went down at Juru tol while I proceed on to Jetty (Penang Sentral)..

And this marks a wonderful ending of our journey~~



Friday, December 5, 2008

ICPU 2008 is officially closed (Merdeka!!)


Hiya! A bet most of you guys enjoyed your "Merdeka" celebration aren't you? (except for physics students laaaa XD)

Before I continue, I hereby announces that ICPU 2008 is officially over. Here's the "closing ceremony:

Haha! Enjoyed it? =D I think so... *sacarstic*

Anyway, there is more than this simple "closing ceremony". My friends and I went to watch the movie "Bolt". We entered the theatre, suprisingly, there are many kiddos there. Makes us feel 10 years young. Haha! XD
And of course, when a semester is over, it's time to go home!!! xD Yay!! I miss my home so much =3333 Daddy, mommy, my family & friends, and my beloved honey bee, behold! I'm coming home.

It's Jeff Henry's homecoming!!! Woooohooo~~~

I'd already packed up, this time I will bring two bags. One of them will fit in my heavy lappy -_-.

Tomorrow, 11am bus, going back with two of my friends pray for our safe journey =3

Anyway, thanks again to my friends (lecturers are included), for bringing me such a beautiful experiences in this semester. I wish that we won't need to reshuffle classes for next semester D= Haiz.. but anyway, it's ok to reshuffle, since we'll have new friends next year (of course I won't forget old one laaaaaa).

Oh, also thanks to our Casa shuttle bus service for wasting their expensive diesels to fetch us to and from college, and also thanks to my "beloved" RapidKL and Metrobus (Haha!!) for providing me transportation so that I don't need to wake up early (I woke up at 8am XD), although have to walk further a bit (exercise more laaaa).

Oh, there's a lot of tickets anyway, but I had disposed it.. haiz... regret... regret...~.~

Ok, time to go now.. It's so late already...



I think...

I miss something...


Oh yea, it's not OFFICIALLY closed for everyone in ICPU.. eheh... The physics students (haven't merdeka yet) gonna have their last paper tomorrow, so all the best to you guys!!!! =) Remember to shout till the MPH collapses when the exam is over!! XDDDD

Ok, have I say everything already...?


Think so...


It's late now! Going to bed! Jeff Henry's homecoming tomorrow!!! =3

God bless everyone, Christmas is coming! Hallelujah!!!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Woohoo~!!! Heroes win again!!!


It's like an old tale~ Heroes win, villains lose..

At 3.35 pm sharp, 4th December 2008, at Taylor's University College, Multi-Purpose Hall, around 230++ students shouted for victory!! (I'm the loudest anyway XD)

Exams are over, and this means that, ICPU 2008 semester 1 is official over!!

Ok ok.. more posts tonight...
right now...DotA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD =3


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nah~ Just an old thing


This is the video that we made long long ago for our EAP presentation..

I bet everyone in Casa already watched it

Just in case some who don't XD

Hey, stop laughing XD! Get back to Chemistry now!!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm tooo freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XDDD


That's right! Tommorrow I have Advanced Functions exam and I'm still crapping here..haha!!
This is because I had spent the whole day for Ms Nicole's review questions and till now haven't finish yet! XD very hot.. but the mood are cold~ My 1801 atmosphere is hot but cold (hope you can get what I mean XD). Everyone stays in their own room, studying. Me too, I rarely study inside the room but today I did it again. Wei Yik & Keng went to our neighbour 1805. This is why our unit very "cold" XD

Anyway, oils reloaded!! Get to burn it tommorow in MPH! Yeah~ Burn the papers >=3

Anyway, I have updated the photos again. See my post below.

Ok, save petrol now. It's too expensive to waste here :P So, off now~

God bless everyone! =)