Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're nothing?


Oh by the way, I'm not gonna post this in chinese. Hehe, though I received a lot of "good" comments from peers. :P

Regarding the question, are we really nothing? If we're nothing, then what makes us here? We eat nothing, drink nothing, sleep nothing and play nothing. So does our life is nothing?

LOL.. don't get confused, this is just a physicists point of view. For those under Mr Gary, you know what I'm talking about.

According to physics, there is a conservation of energy, yet the Big Bang theory says that it is an explosion from nothing to everything. So, if we apply the principles of conservation of energy, and we add up everything together - we're nothing.

Sounds weird huh?

Well, Einstein has shown that mass and energy are related to one another, so it can be some of the energy released from the Big Bang became a mass, which is us.

But how can a nothing becomes everything?

Who knows? If it is really true, then there might be another Universe that accelerate in the opposite direction relative to ours. (According to astrophysicians, our Universe is expanding in acceleration!)

Wondering why I'm talking about this.

Thanks to Mr Gary.

Today he taught about a complicated equations & algebra..and WOW... that's COOL.. though my hair gonna turn white XD.

And now I only know why I can't do well in CVQ. Because it's nothing.. Hehe.. just kidding...

CVQ!!! Faster!! Get back to WORK!!!!!


Saturday, February 21, 2009



您一定要求? 我键入此用中文。 是,我知道汉语。


今天假设是一自由天。 但是我是繁忙的与所有我的残余任务,并且家运作。 物理实验室,嘿I爱它。 Atwood' s机器。 当我看见了所有那些复杂的等式, 获得的等式,代数,数学, woah~它是很致瘾的. =D

噢,我知道错误有某事与我的语言。 ha ha

现在,我相当乏味,但是某人使然后我不耐烦。 ha ha。 她需要伴随。



耶稣, 我的救主… 我相信,我相信…

Hmm…歌曲的中国翻译。 怎么是它?

这我的名字: 杰夫・亨利

Ha Ha, 忘记如何已经写ha ha



现在她非常已经emo。 抱歉…






Hmm... 呀,好了! 比赛! :P


P/S : 请劳驾为许多语法差错

Friday, February 20, 2009

Am I awake? Or just fell asleep?


Aah~~ Finally, two weeks of non-stop of sleeplessness. Maximum 7 hours sleep. By the way, I need at least 10 hours to be considered enough! XD

For the first time, I mean after two weeks, I slept in the afternoon. Wake up at 8pm. Good Morning =)

You know, last weekend was filled with CEC volunteering, well at least I get paid for reducing my sleep.

And now? This weekend, though assignments are still piling, but not as heavy as these two weeks. And now, feel like everything is released.. woah~~

Now feeling like 'kekosongan' (correspond to Malcolm's post of "Kosong"). I really kosong now man!

But this kekosongan lets me traced back all my abandoned memory for the past two weeks. Why suddenly I could think of that? It's just because Monkey play his songs that triggers me -.-

Hunting the blogs, discovered some new ones. I mean, that I never know that those persons could have a blog! Linked ya all =)

LIFE, as I see many people complaint about it, it's really useless, because LIFE stands for "Living In Full Emptiness", and it brings back to KOSONG

So, why complain about kosong stuffs?

Indeed, the kosong time that I'm having now makes me imagine [hallucinate?] a lot. Sometimes just want to cry, sometimes laughing, on my own. There's too much kekosongan in my mind already!!!

The question was, is the kekosongan awakens me or sleepens me?

And by the way, do you know that this post is also KOSONG? Hehe..


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Sequel for Abortion Movie


Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, the NEW 2009 ProAboCor Movie!! The sequel for the previous Oscar-Winning Abortion Movie!!!


The first-made movie can be found here


Caritas Tyro Club


It's happy to tell you that a club named Caritas Tyro is here to help you with hostel stuffs (especially bus schedules)

Click here for more info


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sei Malau Zai...


Sei Malau Zai ah, cheat 9 me...

Babi also, Why Why also, Mr T also, even YOU, Miss H -.-

Argh..~~!! Geram~!!!

But Babi told me that Malau start first one..




Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I don't know what title


Something happened today,
it's not a bad thing, and not a pleasant one either,
For, I have move on in my life,
Broken the chains between us,
For God has opened His doors for me to walk through,
There is still you who wanna stay back,
Longing that it will revert back,
But it's already pass, my dear,
Please walk to the other door,
Please spread the distance between us,
Please shrink from my sight,
Please erase me from your eyes,

Please, forget me.

For I have forgotten you.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Story : Mr E's Love Affair


Last Saturday and Sunday @ CEC Fair

As always, everyone is coming for the fair for university hunting, we have couples, triplets, and even quadruplets and multiplets, all enjoying themselves at that fair.

Well, I was standing on the third corner of the route, and just keep smiling and smiling and smiling (I wonder how much energy I consumed)

But as your browse through, you can see, ONE MAN, named Mr. E, standing on University of Alberta's booth, tiredlessly waiting there, for some, some miracle to happen, maybe he prayed for Saint Valentine's help...LOL!!!

Obviously, he loves someone, her name is, Miss A. But he can't do anything, he's just seen her a few times. Everytime, every hours, every minute, she's all occupied in his mind, greater, greater than anyone else. In the huge crowd, he saw no one, but Miss A!

She's the angel, the savior, and the bringer of light, which unleashed him, from the black chains within his heart, BREAK!

He kept standing there, determined, that his strong 'id' told him so, because it's Valentine, and Miss A is his Valentine. They had a distance, it is seen by me was about 3 feets away, but for him, it's 10000000000000000000 relative feets.

But he knows, the distance will get shorten in seconds.


There was a guy, about same age of Miss A, sitting next to her in the same booth, a singaporean, taller, maturer, handsomer (dunno?), and the one who talks the most with Miss A. Mr E's face downcasted. He had met his RIVAL, or perhaps, ENEMY.

They both tried to get Miss A for them. Mr E, opens the door for her, helped her, eveytime, and anytime, it's always him. Meanwhile, Mr Singaporean continues to help her in her booth, seems that Miss A is more inclined to him, as he was knowledgable than Mr E. But Mr E never gave up, once Miss A's printer ran out of ink. Mr E, quickly suggested than he'll buy for her.

Walking for miles, searching for shops, travelling for hours, and dropping his sweat, he managed to get the ink.

When he came back, Miss A told him:


He's flying, ascending, high to the sky, to the heavens of love and passion and romance, without anyone, only both of them, alone. Sitting on a table, dining together, under candlelight, with stars all sparklings dimly, and gentlely, and with fireworks, written, "MARRY ME".

Finally, he's on bed, after drinking with his fellow friends, who were so jealous of him, to get such a beautiful Angel, Miss A. That when he was done showing off, he's on bed, with her, lying down, loosen theirs outfit, looked at each other eyes, lips are closer, and closer, and it's dark, stars are shutting down.

"Miss A!!!"

The picture shattered.

She's turning away, back to her booth, but still, Mr E is still dreaming of that, broken one.

A few hours later, the fair ended, and Miss A, suprisingly, went to have a date with... with... MR SINGAPOREAN!!!! They went out, Mr E, feeling left out.

After it's over, Mr E, wants to have her flag, as a memory, as well as to have her sweet scent, for him. However, it was not given. Mr E's felt depressed, full of sadness and sorrow. That his heart, had shattered into pieces, thrusted by million swords, twisted, and left the big scar that will never be healed by all means.

PAIN ar.... PAIN ar....

As he's enduring the pain, he still prayed for her to come back, to have, this time, a kiss.


P/S : This is all a FICTION!!! (Ya meh?)


Friday, February 13, 2009



Time is my ENEMY now

Stupid CVQ, waste my TIME, ENERGY, MONEY, PAPER & INK!

May I have time for Calculus and Blog!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, seems like your mission fails again!"


Ah Ben was already being my lecturer for 7++ months. After soooooo many times I attempted to "clean" him with my presentations and essays, only ONCE I successfully "polished" his brain..HAHA! You know when.

Again, last week, me and my fellow friends tries to once again, do our job as "cleaner." Well, the result was fairly good but indeed Ah Ben is not really pleased in the way I presented before. And maybe he already knew my "tricks" and "tactics" to brainwash him, and so he opened his ears bigger than his brain...LOL..

So many comments huh? That's good! Let's look closer...

Indeed his ears caught every word ("cleaning agent") that I said. Ahahaha... Well... the thing that he added is "???" - it means no other than confused and "this is not good (still dirty)". So, Jeff, you lost this round... Sad... =(



Wait! wait! wait! I didn't say that we did badly in the presentation. I would like to say we did a good job indeed! Just that, wow! Ah Ben shot five missles to me. Ahahaha...

Anyway, thanks to Chook Teng, Wahida & Denise. You guys (I mean girls.. hehe) rocks!! Keep it up! We'll continue to create better formulas for new "soaps" so that can wash Ah Ben's brain CLEAN and CLEAR. And so that our [you-know-what-you-want] will be "clean" and "high-rated". LOL...!! XD

Ok, quiz... tomorrow... should try my new invented.....

YEAH!! Experiment will be running tomorrow!!!! Cleaning Services In Action!! YEAH BABE!!!



P/S: You know what color that he used to write our names?


Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Plea to Defend the Voice of the People.


Though I'm not a Perakian, but I damn beh song when see that Be eNd played the "frog game" and won! So, yeah, we should do something about it especially Perakians (Both of you la...CT & Derek)


Amazingly, the hits for this petition has reached 3500++ in just one day and its growing every seconds!!! Do spend a few minutes just to sign it. Don't worry lah!! You won't get caught under ISA.. LOL!!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mr. Gary!! I LOVE YOU!!!


Today physics test. And got one question that makes me laugh on my own in exam hall just now. The question is about sliding friction..muahahaha.. Want to know why?

Yesterday, Gary give one question, about the car truning on the curve, and coefficient of the friction given is static friction. So I ask la why. Why not kinetic? Then he explain to me lo.

And then, today THAT question came out.. HAHAHAHA!!

Wahida, your prophecy very accurate la!!! You can be a great fortune teller!! LOL!!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

"YAY".. back to Casa


After wake up early at 8.30

After eat roti canai at Pelita

After waiting for LATE BUS

After sitting at seat 4C in bus (double combo very sui number -.-)

After finishing 1984 in bus

After stuck in traffic jam

After watching an exciting, cool, and thrilling accident involving 4 cars @ Federal Highway (too bad I missed to snap some D=)

After see a leng lui but she released BAD BREATH to me (and later found out she stay at CASA also)

After see monkey potong rambut (endao loooo)

After see Ying Yi scare 9 me!!

And of all, after getting tortured by weight & inertia,

BIG BROTHER IS BACK!! (Since when I change nickname?)

So, what's next?
  1. My friend said must do physics lab #2 and pass up tomorrow
  2. Slide show for ENG4U
  3. IELTS essay (later copy lah!! =D)
  4. Waterloo resume (copy also lah!!)

And so that's all.. Zzz...