Saturday, November 29, 2008

Photos Updated!


I've uploaded more photos. Refer to the slide on previous post.

Thanks to,
  1. Ms Nicole =3
  2. Wen Fei
  3. Malcolm
  4. Vikki
  5. Rekha

for the photos =)

Still pending from,

  1. Ying Yi Jie
  2. Yan Yan
  3. Amal
  4. Anyone who has the photo

Do send to me as soon as possible =)


Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's time to say goodbye~ T.T


Haiz... 5 months... It's really fast... 5 months... Just flew away like this... 5 months!! It just over... D=

Today, guess what? We've have a mad photo taking session in Ah Ben's class.. Not only his class, other class as well.. I gave something to Ah Ben, including the limericks that you saw previously.. xD Then.. yup.. taking photos~ you'll see on the slide below..

And then, Mr Andrew's class.. He made his last funniest jokes on that day.. Haiz.. miss him so much~ His jokes, his laughter.. his...his.... T.T... and then take photos... again.. with my friends that are graduating this year too =3

Computer Science, well.. we don't have much time taking photos as he's showing us a movie.. So only got class photos.. But that's ok. Better than none..

Finally, My BELOVED Ms Nicole's class =P.. HAHA!! First she lets us play a final game quiz... Though she's very busy (marking papers, keying grades).. she still managed to design a final game for us. Though I don't win it.. But.. It's so touching that she at least spend her time for a game with us. Finished with photo taking with her and a hug xDDDD

Haiz... I would take this time out, to apologise for anything wrong that I've done. Not only for my dedicated lecturers, but all of my friends and classmates as well. I sincerely apologise.

Ok, I also would like to thank all of you, my friends (my lecturers are my friends anyway =3), for everything that you done for me. No matter it's ups or downs, I really enjoyed this semester. Hope it will be the same for the next semester. Thank you guys and girls so much..... I... I... I... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! T.T....(I can't hold it back)....

Haiz... anyway, after today, we have the final lap to go, the FINALS!! The most cruel villain in ICPU. The most vigorous chemical in ICPU. The most deadliest virus in ICPU, and the most head-cracking functions that yet to be solved in ICPU!! AAH!!

So, my friends, let us hold our hands together as one to hit the finish line, and let God be within us, blessing us all the way to the finish line. With no man or woman shall fall, as we all are belong to Him, and of course, with Him, everything is possible!!! >=3

Ok ok.. actually I still have much to say here~ But then, we must get started to train to destroy this villain of the life! *sob sob*....

Haiz.. *sob sob*.. I have to end this now.. *sob sob* to study for the finals.. *sob sob*..



















No..! No..! I'm not crying!!!! *sob sob*. Really!!!! T.T...

What a beautiful memories~ T.T

God bless everyone xD


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Limericks~ for my beloved lecturers of 2008! =D


Well guys, exams are around the corner, and soon... it's gonna be a farewell to our lecturers..

So, as a appreciation for what they have taught me, I wrote some limericks for them xD


First One : Mr Ben aka Ah Ben

Here's a limerick to you I say,
In this such a beautiful day,
Each day you and me debate,
But each time my thoughts you ate,
And you stood in the class so gay.

No offense Mr Ben, I had a great time debating with you xDDD

Next one: Mr Andrew Wong

Every day bringing your coffee,
Drinking it without eating mee (noodles),
That you bought in the Starbucks,
That cost you over ten bucks,
And then class ends you went to pee.

Don't minus my mark pls....hehehe XD.. Really enjoyed your jokes...

Third One : Mr Chai Ming Hiung

Crystal Maiden you are so cold,
Even cooler than ice that sold,
With your Nova Blast,
The whole period blast,
And array out of bounds I was told.

You're very cool Mr Chai! =)

And lastly..........Ms Nicole!!!! yay!!! :P

Ms Nicole you're so sexy,
So sexy that attracts taxi,
That makes people so high,
But sometimes you do sigh,
Because my jokes make you crazy.

HAHA!! Ms Nicole, you're the best!! And... and... uhm... I want you to be my lecturer next semester!!! (so that I can crap in your class...kidding xD)

That's all, these are my lecturers that taught me a lot throughout the semester. I really thank them very much. I do hope that I'll get them all back in next semester. But unfortunately, some can't. D=


Monday, November 24, 2008

Just woke up...Zzz...


Just wake up.. Zzz... Good Morning.. Zzz..

Finally, NO MORE PROJECTS!! YAY!!! Zzz...

So sleepy...nothing to crap much today... Zzz...

Anyway.. the CPT presentation was brilliant!! I managed to make them laughed throughout the whole presentation =D It's a game actually..

Tomorrow is Wen Hui's turn gonna present the same book as mine. Wish her luck! =)



I am so happy today. So, let's pray to the Lord for giving me such a brilliant idea for CPT =)
"Father, I just want to thank You for giving me the wisdom to figure out such an extraordinary idea for my CPT presentation. I just want to thank You for giving me words to say and helping me to cope with my nerves. I just want to thank You for using me to entertain my class besides delivering Your word. Father, I just want to thank You for everything You have done for me today. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen"


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Highlights of Shan Khoon's Mad Party~ Yeah!


+++Thanks to Mr HamSapLou (Ernest Seow) for the photos...xD+++

This party is held on 14th November 2008, Shan Khoon's Birthday.. And you know? Siapa birthday, kena gangbang xD.

So, in the college, we planned to gangbang him. Planned to make him angry while playing basketball. But than, it fails. I don't really know why (because I prepared for the party). Maybe Ernest is too noob to make him angry...HAHA! (joking XD).

Anyway, after they came back from basketball court. We purposely make him the last one who went to bath. While he's bathing, we set up the whole thing and prepare the cake. So, when he came out, suprise!! Happy birthday!!
After blowing cake, we pushed the candles into the cake and challenged him to take it out by his mouth (this is not Fear Factor though), and this is what happens :

Kiss the cakes...Muax~~

Actually, I planned to smash his head into the cake but then my friends disagreed, they scared got bacteria later..HAHAHA!!! xD

His cake~ Yummy

Guru, you very cool izzit?? Zzzz...

The brown monkey laughs!! HAHAHA!! XDDDD

From left : Looking at? (Soh), The Monkey Style (Lee), Don't stare at mine! (Derek), Acting Cool (Me)

You guys rocks!! So lovely and romantic =)

The 1805 gang. The most coolest guy goes to.........(see leftmost)

Ok...enough for the pics, after blowing cake, Shan Khoon sang some songs to his gf. And then

The Most Interesting Part : Truth or Dare!

Summary - Everyone kena. But then, we have some interesting ones :

  • Lee (Dare) - Dances like a monkey on stage, which parellels himself xD
  • Ying Yi Jie (Dare, 2nd time) - Shouts, "I love Casa Subang!!! I love Taylor's!! I love ICPU!!" Do you guys hear it that night? If so, this is the source xD
  • Yi Heng (Dare) - Shouts "I'm a gay" 3 times through the window
  • Thilagesh (Dare) - Drinks a special recipe by Monkey. Dunno he got "lau sai" or not that night xD
  • Elaine (Dare) - The last one who kena. Delivers pizza the 1811. But then, while she was talking to a "1811 people", she laughed while talked. Later we found out that guy is........NASIR!!!! Zzz...

And lastly........

  • Ernest!! (Dare) - HAHA!! Guess what? He swings his underwear on stage!!! HAHA...We got the video xD....coming soon....

That's all folks!! More wild parties coming!!! xD


Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Boss" is the one who get bullied >.<


Today, we have our chemistry ISU project disscussion at mcd. By the way, I'm the "boss" of this project. However, these happens,

See that black guy over there? That's Guru, and he's acting cool in front of my camera. While others are working hard, he go and curi tulang. Act cool some more. Salary off RM 500!! >=/

See leng lui act cool oh~ Salary off RM800!! >=P

This one even more pro. At first very rajin, then when boyfriend called go outside and chat with him so long. Salary off RM1000!!! >=3

Well, even though can save my pocket money, but you know? After I gave them my ideas, Yan Yan told me to write back what she need to explain to her back, in some sort of essay..Zzz...

Then I kena pergi scan, while they all curi-curi read my bloggie here~ Haha! Hope they'll check again and see this!! Muahahaha~ xD

Anyway, Monday...CPT, It's gonna be interesting!

See my chat box on the right. Note that "hamsaplou" is Ernest Seow....:P


Friday, November 21, 2008

It's all thanks to her!


GREAT!! Now I have two presentations on Monday! - CPT & Chemistry. I'm so "happy"!! All thanks to Wen Hui's best friend..! Thank you so much~~~ God bless you!

Thank you soooooo much for your "wonderful" game! Thank you soooo much for your sweet mango sweet!... Thanks for all your time-consuming crapping that makes me laugh out loud! Thank you sooo much for turning my 6 hours sleep yesterday useless!!! Thank you soooo much that I don't need to present today. Thank you so much that you relieved my nerves!!

I wonder how I'm going to pay back to you for your such a "good deed" for me!

Anyway, bollocks to CPT!!! It's Chemistry time! No more CPT...the poem also I just hand it up. Just wanna forget all this crapping assignments!!!

Feel like wanna burn someone on Monday! Since my novel has burning scene! Aha! Maybe I'll "balas budi" to her with that!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another bad day~


Here's another bad day, that everyone hates......

Today, Mr Crystal Maiden broke my pendrive, luckily is just the frame. Nevermine lah~ Just an accident =)

So, I put some bandages on it. Too bad it cant "stim" anymore...wakaka XD

The plastic-like is the bandages...haha. Note that it will "stim" forever :P..Since cant turn back in..

Ok...the presentation was good...finally, everyone laughed while I crapped XD..

CPT, CTP, PTC!! Or whatever combination it is....pls letmme present 2moro...
I don't want monday because got CHEMISTRY PRESENTATION!!

Hope that Wen Hui's BEST FRIEND won't be crapping too long on stage tomorrow...haha...pls!!! T.T


Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Oh...I 4got that I should post my poems here, pretty hard to understand :P

First one,

Oh Freyja, turn back to thy side!


Thou ran to my soul,
Thou cured my heart,
Thou raised my spirit,
And thou kissed my touchable.

To thy wonderland thou take me,
To the earth of ours,
To the better Eden,
With thy lovely necklace,
The trees wave,
The fishes kiss,
And the waters sing.


But thou hide,
The venoms in thy heart,
Black without dark,
That flows in thee,
Since the Creation of thee.

You are fragile, you are diamond,
Before I realize it,
I shaped, twisted thee,
And break the glass.


And now you’re synchronized,
To turn to the other side,
Where now,
These happens;

Thou flee from my soul,
Thou sickened my heart,
Thou dropped my spirit,
And thou spitted my touchable.

To thy hell thou drag me,
To the earth of nowhere,
To the worse Eden,
With thy awful necklace,
The trees tremor,
The fishes gnaw,
And the oceans rage.


Thou was once fire and ice,
Tossing me the fiery ice,
Water and water I had become,
To rub, to melt, and to purify,
Re-synchronize thee, re-turn thee,
To the side you belong.

But thou took, the authority,
To split out fire and split out ice,
To Beelzebub, thou blaze me,
To Medusa, thou freeze me,
Enslaved me, chained me,
To the land that heaven can’t see,
Yet, I’m not in Hell.


Yet now I stand,
In the midst of your doors,
Yet now I speak,
In the midst of your minds,
Yet now I hear,
In the midst of your voices,
Yet now I see,
In the midst of your sides,

Yet I, the Man, yelled,

Oh Freyja, turn back to thy side!

Second one, =) dedicated to my beloved "Honey Bee"!!!!

Even though I live in the valley,
Of the shadow of death,
Your sweetness is casting out sour.
And even though I stand in the middle,
Of the crowds but lonely,
I won’t turn back,
I know I hear you.

And I will break the walls of distance,
For my honey is in need,
If my honey is in need,
Why should I stay still?
Why should I stay still?

Honey, I’m coming to you,
Through the fire, through the ice,
Honey, I’m coming to you,
Through high mountains, through deep seas,
Honey, I’m coming to you,
Dear, because you’re my Honey Bee.

Even though you jab, your venom,
Into body of mine,
Your poisonous sting never ache me.
And even though you fly, over distance,
Staying away from me,
That distance is just zero for me.

And I will smash the walls of distance,
For my honey is in need,
If my honey is in need,
Why I’m still stand here?
Why I’m still stand here?

Honey, I’m coming to you,
Through the fire, through the ice,
Honey, I’m coming to you,
Through high mountains, through deep seas,
Honey, I’m coming to you,
Dear, because you’re my Honey Bee.
You keep hiding and I keep looking for you,

Honey, I’m coming to you,
Through the fire, through the ice,
Honey, I’m coming to you,
Through high mountains, through deep seas,
Honey, I’m coming to you,
Dear, because you’re my Honey Bee.

Oh my dear Honey Bee,
I know you’re,
Feeling pain and hurting,
But I’m on my way,
To bash out,
The fools that stings you,
You’re my Honey Bee,
You’re my Honey Bee.

Honey, I’m coming to you,
Through the fire, through the ice,
Honey, I’m coming to you,
Through high mountains, through deep seas,
Honey, I’m coming to you,
Dear, because you’re my Honey Bee.

Honey, I’m coming to you,
Through the fire, through the ice,
Honey, I’m coming to you,
Through high mountains, through deep seas,
Honey, I’m coming to you,
Dear, because you’re my Honey Bee.

Dear, please be my Honey Bee.

P/S : For guys, I know it sounds GAY XD


What a bad day~


Hello..crappers XD

Haiz....I had such a bad day today. Yesterday, I left my pencil case in the Web. Luckily the management keep it. Don't want to say them so kind because when I claimed it they were so cold and just hand it over me silently, with no emotion..zzz. Anyway, thanks to him also la! (GTH LA)

And then, today, I left my key inside my room, suprisingly, my roommate also left his key...==" Then I go to the office to ask the management for they key, they asked me to wait, because the people in charge will come later to my unit. I asked is it long? She said not sure.

Ok. So, since I'm already at first floor, so I go makan first hungry...After makan, I come back, my friend told me that the key guy come, and he left because I'm not here! WTH! Can't he just open it and go?! Why must I be here? ==" lame!

Then, my roommate came back, called the warden, and she came at 9 what I did from 7 pm till 9pm is...BATH...HAHA!!!..

Walao eh~ So sui today...wonder it will be like this again tommorrow~

Anyway, done advanced functions slide! Ready for presentation tommorrow. But first, study the book! have to halt myself now...*vanished*


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My first scratch of crap!


Welcome readers!

The reason why i open this blog is because....every1 has a blog zzzz

and also....feel like wanna crapping here 2 release pressure in the slavery of icpu!

nothing much 2 write now because 2moro gt chemistry test!!! aah!!!!

Before that i wanna write some highlights of my life before this blog...but...nah~ 2 much already...and...4get liao haha!

ok...maybe can talk about today...

today, i came quite late 2 d shorten period time because i had a nightmare yesterday n doesn't want to end it, so when my hp bell ring i juz snooze it and back 2 my nightmare...
so,, i woke up about 8.15 like that...take bath..wear formal and go to bus stop..take rapidKL (reminds me of the seat that shakes zzzz).... and reach at college abt 9.05 (5 mins late)

but then, its ah ben class, and d 1st presenter haven't started yet, so can say... reached in time..HAHA...

listening 2 their craps (haha..juz joking :P) and finally d class ends...den go 2 chem...

mr andrew wong very pro 1...can 4get gt shorten period 2day so he came at 10.30 am (that's the normal time) and crapping abt amine/amide thingy for half an hour...

and then...recess...and science presentation...well...nt i started 1st...but keng's group starts with the whole bunch of crapping for...erm....20 mins?...30...dunno =x

and then next its our turn...I & Wen hui same group...onli 2 of we can get more marks!! yay!! Then...i start the crapping intro...continue by her crap...then back 2 mine...

it was very interesting...when i do lotsa craps nobody laughed, instead...they all stare at me gong gong (dumb dumb)....o yah! gt some1 who really gt into it...denise is the onli 1 who loaughed abit..HAHA..! and then mr chai ming hiung, we often called him CM (crystal maiden), also laughed...but crap doesn't work....zzzzz

and then advanced function crap here...coz nothing 2 crap...

eh? eh? eh? oh my God! i crap too long already...quick quick...chemistry!! i don't want guru show off again zzzz( offense)... is now talking crap on his own in front of me now! :P