Friday, June 12, 2009

Closing Diary of Taylor's ICPU


You've already know what is it gonna be about

Finally got things to write already.. HAHA! *credits to chook teng*

It seems like this one year has gone... very very VERY FAST!!!! It's faster than a blink of eye.

I still remember, I stepped in to Taylor's college with my parents "gong gong" and don't know look around there.

Today, I can tell you I know almost every rooms @ Taylor's (almost la =P)

Before that, we called each other by names

Today, we have such names as Muhammad, Monkey, Babi (many babis), H1N1, etc etc...

I still remember at night 1805 is the noisiest when we shout "NOOB LAH YOU!" or "FASTER KILL HIM!!" or "WALAO EH.." or "CCB LU" or "MAHAI LU" or most commonly "DotA! DotA!"

But I still remember we got play pudge wars =)

Here's some random pics...

It's time for Friend's Profile! =)))

Let's start with my very first friends, the 1801's

Lee Wei Yik (Monkey)
- A tall (but shorter than me), monkey-like creature in 1801.. lol!! Same class with me in ENG3U last year. Genius yet, monkeyish... so in short, he is Genius Monkey... hehe..

Keng Wei Jin
- Cool, muscular and always build muscle one.. same class with me in ICS4M last year.

Lim Yi Heng
- Short a bit, cool~ muscular? Quiet, always lock himself in the room... haaahhh~~ do what arh?? =P.. Helpful, especially in linen changing.. hehe... he should get more community hours.. lol..

- Tall, a lot of hairs all over the body, genius... he get spesel award what.. (but I beat him in Advanced Functions! =( not fair...), same class in chemistry and advanced functions.

Now let's move on to our neighbour's gang.. the 1805's

Ernest Seow Zhi Quan (EE/H1N1 - recently?)
- Aha! Those who're in facebook sure kenal this guy one. I no need to describe, you can describe him yourself. Kuat syok sendiri.. lol! He called himself Entao Ernest, even his birthday cake also got.. LOL. Same EAP/IELTS class. Already famous for our Abortion video.. HAHA! In class always talk cock but say me talk cock -.-

Derek Ng (Pork Weng)
- If you one day hear alot of *toot toot* words from 1805 ah.. the probability who speaks is him.. lol... same calculus class... but very diam..

Soh Chin Hui
- Last sem top scorer in physics. See like very diam but I heard he got lots of "secret agenda"???

Tay Ho Ming
- Not know him much, because he joined 1805 later.. just know he with Shu Woon.

Liong Siew Chek
- Same physics class, I heard they all said his mandarin very weird??

Ong Shang Khoon
- Hmm.. can say the most popular guy in 1805. Quoted Mr Smiley by who arh??

Seow Zhen Liang (Babi also?)
- Same Advanced Functions class. A genius but.............................(...)

My Other Friends

My Hamlet GroupAbdullah (Polonius)
- The only malay guy that work in my group ever before..

Wahida (Ghost/Horatio)
- Haha.. she likes to say... deeeeniiiisssseeeee~~~

Chook Teng (Ophelia)
- Muaahhaha.. she's the one who gave me this idea. Kind.. cute... and "small" =P Good at making eye contact and wink... ;)

Denise (Queen)
- Everyone knows her.. a good actress too... the driver of our group project.

Julia (King)
- Eeeeeeeehheheheheheheheheheeeee (I dunno how to express it in word form, Julia knows it =P).. One of the most kind and smart girl and smile a lot... Don't need to rest one.. =P

- haha... one of the best guy I ever met! funny, hillarious, serious, can swap emotions with bits of seconds.. lol.. Used to be same class in ENG3U.. I still remember our drama is the Oscar award winning one *exagerating*. Those who had the video please contact me!!!

Anderson (KK Monkey version)
- I actually met him in the first day.. just that we did not talk much.. but when it comes to 2nd sem.. as crazy as monkey.. LOL..

- Like Julia, smile a lot...a very nice girl.. and she's the valedictorian for this year.. yay! Why I'm so happy? Because she's BM people.. HAHAAH!! XD

- Also met him in the first day... then hilang d.. meet back on 2nd sem.. please speak BM to him =)

- cold joker, you need to bring your winter clothes..

Ying Yi
- reserved at the beginning, dunno what she eat until she become very sociable after holidays.. same advanced functions class.

Shu Woon
- same ENG4U class

- Day dreaming gal... ~.~ currently waiting for her "prince charming"

- Not know.. nice... quiet or not i don't know.. but I choose her to be secretary one don't forget =P

Wei Wei
- Haha.. tutor her properly oo.. if not she beat you 99...

- "Small"? A nice girl, quiet... (but in LAN class of course quiet laaa)

- "Small" also.. same advanced functions class

- He's already popular by the time I know him. I'm so outdated -.-

- Used to be EAP classmate by didn't talk.. not until in calculus class.. where he's my side-mate. Combination of I and him that always win quiz =P

- Not knowing much of her... but she's going U of A.. yay!! =)

Nian Yi
- I heard a lot about you.. hehe..


Thank you for entering my life. I know most of you will be exiting my life, but I know that you guys are leaving footprints in my heart right? =) You guys are just awesome! =) Life rockz with you guys.. haha!! Without you all I don't know where I will be now. Thank you for going through ups and downs with you guys. I remember we worked till late midnight before the Hamlet presentation. So, I wish you all the best (all of ICPU graduates) for pursuing your dreams and make your dreams.. come true...and for those who flying to Canada, best of luck in getting the universities that you wanted and pursue your dreams course and career in the future. Oh I just heard that Chook Teng got UBC already.. congrats... see.. dreams come true =)

To be updated if needed.... =)

P/S : Listen to the song.. specially dedicated to all my beloved friends ^^

Thinking that I have forgotten someone?

The answer is - NO! Of course not =)

Want write also, got special page one laaaaa~~!! XD

With so many witnessess.. of course, she's Ham Pao Wen Hui =)

Let's be continue like just now..

Wen Hui

Reserved, quiet, & hardworking at first impression.. you know what? She's the first girl that I know when I came to Taylor's University College. In computer science class, did not sit beside each other yet. But, when the first presentation is given, I've been assigned with her. Oh, that's where all starts!

After done with the slides, board rapidKL bus for the first time with her, also mean the first time that I board rapidKL.. lol! *Sorry no photos* hehe...

On the same time, she told me that she's in my ENG3U class as well, then only I notice her in the class.. (cos she sit behind mar.... =_=)

First one month - Seldom talk, but it starts after I had some 'tragic incident'. She's the only one I tell. Ok, feel better after expressing.. hehe... (haven't start yet hah!)

Since that, we start to get closer, especially in computer science class, sit together, always peeking at her screen (hehe.. she never know that.. ooops =x).. and help her to solve problems..

Towards the end of first semester, started to go out together.. oh and I'm invited to her church.. (malcolm also got.. he jadi saksi!!)..

Oh.. ok la.. take five... nah...

Five minutes done!

Hehehe... the end of ICPU.. starts to know her more.. this is where the "gossips" starts.. I dunno who start it... *For those who start it or know who start it, kindly report to me IMMEDIATELY* lol.. just kidding.

Also, we went back together in by bus to butterworth (since she had joined penang tribe... *bleak to malcolm*), in bus.. of course.. learn a lot from her and about her.

Hehe.. ciplak some of her pics.. =P

*please be patient.. I know what you're thinking*

Yup, this is from these posts, I'm sure you guys remember..

So, this is the end of First Semester...

Uh oh? It's not over yet..!

2nd sem! Checked the new timetable.. no same class... ouwh =(, but got same break, yay =)

So, we like normal, go church together, online chat together, but one thing is, the "gossipers" are getting active on that time onwards =_=...

You know, gossip is one of the factor.. =) So should I say thank you?

And then, the gossipers are getting wilder and wilder.. on March 1Xth incident (dowan so obvious =P)... it leads to.. confession.. n yeah.. your patience ends here..

So, first up... KL Tower trip..

Helped in hamlet assignment... remember we chat & listen to songs at basketball court till 12am++ lol!! Luckily no guards halau...

Finally, did CPTs together.. since we do all same sources =)

As for final outing, sunway lagoon~~

Got more pictures... but don't want post too much.. secret.. hehe..

So that concludes the major events of me and her.. =)

Regarding the First Impression,

Now - Talkative, silly, laugh a lot, sweat a lot (hehe..), smart, clever, kind, care, realistic, think-ative, presentationphobia (no longer?), speaking test phobia, heightphobia.

Likes - Me =P, nian yi, family & friends, coffee, starbucks frapuccino, starbucks, swimming pool & AC teh ais or panas, fishy, JRYF curry house's curry, kak su, cantonese fried noodle @ banana leaf, twister, BoA, Rain, DBSK, physics, maths, philosophy, her icpu textbooks, 100%, ms nicole, AH BEN!

Dislikes - wear formal, assignments, essays, chemistry, pork, fatty part of chicken, sweat, jaggut, ...

*some are kept undisclosed though*

To Ham Pao =),

Thank you for walking into my life. Through you, I've becoming more mature as I were today. I learn to apprecitate my friends and family more than before. I've learn to work harder because no pain, no gain, and because of you, I stop becoming lazy and learn to wake up earlier. Because of you, I learn to control my anger and agresiveness (die to my sensitivity). Thank you for listening when I share my problems with you and thank you for allowing me to listen when you got problems. Thank you for being there all the time when I need someone or when I'm alone. Thank you for helping me throughout my life with you and thank you too for allowing me to help.

Though we gonna be separated for four years by the distance of 2710 km, by the time zone difference of 02:00, and by the flight hour difference of 4 hours, I believe that all these numbers remains a number, and a number has no power to decide what our love outcome will be. I believe our love is bounded by God's grace and love and He will bless, prosper, and protect us always when we are apart from each other.

I LOVE YOU =))))

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's over!!

Yeah, it's over... hooray?? aww?? Which one?

The answer is both...

It has been a memorable year, so memorable that photographs are not required too... hehe if you want to see the pictures go facebook laaaa... since everyone also got..

Well... nothing much to say, because it's too much things to say.

Sad? Happy? Excited? Depressed? All are in me now..

Thank you to everyone that have walked into my life, I don't know how to pay back you guys.. =) Just a little thanks would not enough...

Thank you to my lecturers: Ms Nicole, Mr Allan, Mr Ben, and Mr Tong (for not barring me.. LOL)

Hehe.. well? Sorry no inspiration now.. may write more when I have =)