Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Materialistic and hypocritical


Looking from your own perspective, who should be condemned? (honestly, there's no right or wrong)

1. A person who spends $100 million over something that he needs, or another person who wastes $1 over something that he don't need.

2. A person who donates $100 million insincerely, or a person who donates $1 sincerely.

3. A rich person donates $1 sincerely, or a poor person donates $100 insincerely (just to show off he had gave up everything he has)

I think the answer that I will receive will be on both sides. And I think some people will be dishonest too.

There's no need to be dishonest, you don't need to tell me. Ask yourself.

I am somehow upset over an issue, it is related to the questions above.

I believe Jesus don't judge people or actions based on quantity, but QUALITY.

But some still can't get it.

Because materialistic people are "quality-blinded". The more (quantity) they had, the better they feel.

Despite of this, I don't blame anyone who is materialistic but I just hate those who are materialistic yet HYPOCRITICAL!

Today, people are born to be materialistic though.

Just ask the fellow Christians, how many of them fulfill their 10% tithe every month? And also, how many of them do it just for God or just merely hope for more MONEY to come? I have come across many people who wished the latter.

I am very very upset right now, but anyway, I'm bonded, there's no use to whine.



LasVen said...

wat happen ^_^ keep ur smile on ur face always okay

Anonymous said...

It's all about sincerity. I'm with you on that one bro.